Ken Esrig

After the tragic loss of his wife, entrepreneur & corporate motivational speaker, Ken Esrig, wrote two books of poetry in the grieving process that have helped others grieve in the years since.

His poem "A Hole In My Heart" was read at the 9-11 memorial by Cantor Fitzgerald's sister & Ken has toured the country helping others with their losses.

Ken has since changed his focus to growing after facing adversity. He has also created a television show featuring guests who have overcome adversity to reach success.

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Ken Esrig, Author & Speaker was a website dedicated to Ken Esrig's 2 earliest books Washing Away The Pain & Inspirations of Love Life and Loss. The site has been consolidated into a single page to summarize the book tours Esrig began in 2001 after the sudden death of his wife. Here you can find book summaries as well as photos from his previous book tours, dates of events and anything else related to Ken's early works.

Washing Away The Pain

This wonderful collection of poems gives the readers an opportunity to look within themselves and ask questions about life. The book in a warm and personal way deals with questions of love and loss, family and children.Washing Away The Pain by Ken Esrig

As all families share common experiences, Mr. Esrig reaches out to include each reader in some way. Topics such as waking up in the middle of the night, to the importance of family are only the beginning. Thoughtful and insightful, the author does not only ask the reader to ask deep questions, he offers hope and inspiration for all.

This is moving book, which will bring you in touch with your innermost feelings and emotions. Joy and happiness can be found in the darkest moments of despair. Love and children are the foundation on which this book is based. Finding that you are not alone can help the reader see a future when all seems hopeless.

Washing Away the Pain, provides comfort and helps the reader to begin the healing process. People deal with pain in their own way; this book will have something for everyone.

"It is with great pride and pleasure that I commend Mr. Esrig for all of the comfort and his words have provided to those who have read his poetry. I am honored to have a copy of Mr. Esrig's book, Washing Away the Pain and I look forward to the future six collections he plans to complete in the years to come.
As always, I am proud and privileged to represent you in the United States Congress and I encourage you to contact me should I ever be of assistance to you in the future."

With warm regards,
Robert Wexler
Congress of the United States

"Washing Away The Pain brought tears to my eyes upon reading the first poem. The warm and depth I felt when reading the poetry of Kenneth Esrig made me appreciate life. Poetry that touches the soul. Everyone must pick up this book and experience Washing Away the Pain for themselves."

-Richelle Doliner
Borders Books & Music
South Florida


Inspirations of Love Life & Loss

Sometimes, life's journey takes us places we're not prepared to go. To get through the profound highs and lows, we often need the inspiration and support of someone who has been there before us -- to help us make sense of the unfamiliar and to appreciate the emotions we are experiencing.Inspirations of Love Life & Loss by Ken Esrig

Inspirations of Love, Life and Loss is a traveler's guide through life's most profound moments. Author Ken Esrig shares the exhilaration, challenges and doubts that face us when we face life head-on.

'Honey we need to talk'… (After the Game)" tackles the issues of receiving a positive diagnosis of cancer, and the difficult struggles that follow.

"Love's Journey" weaves stories of love and loss that are inspiring and uplifting. An intimate demonstration of Mr. Esrig's emotions is clear in the chapter entitled "The Feeling Zone." Wrestling with day-to-day questions of emotional conflict, "The Emotional War" ties together the inconsistency of feelings. "Take Time to Pray" evokes a universal need for faith and prayer, without espousing one religion.

"The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, and The Palm Beach Post all hail Esrig, described as "a man with feelings," and an author who touches his reader's hearts and souls."